All That Will Never Be

To my beautiful boy,

Can you believe I’ve been writing to you for two years? The last week has been very hard and I have cried a lot. I long to have you back, to have time with you again. Your brother, bless his heart, can never make up for losing you. I want him and you, my two boys. I want my twin boys, what would life have been like with twin boys? The chaos and mess hey! You were identical twins and I’m sure you would have been very close brothers, keeping each other occupied. 

I miss that I’ll never get to make rice crispie cakes with you or paint a picture. We could do our handprints in paint. Mine would be the big hand and yours would be the tiny hand. After that we could clean up and go to the park, go on the swings and the slide. Collect some leaves and sticks. 

These are all things I would have loved to do with you but they are things that will never be. I miss you today as much as the day you left us. I wish I could be with you to play in the clouds.

Sending floaty kisses, love always,

Mummy, xxxx


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