London Marathon 2018

Whilst watching this years London marathon on tv, the thousands of runners and all the work leading up to that day, my partner turned to me and said “why don’t you go in for it next year?”. We quickly realised it would fall on Robyn’s birthday so it was a must.

Thanks to baby brain and tiredness I missed the ballot and so set about securing a charity place, which thankfully I did with the charity Tommy’s. I drew up a training plan breaking it down into goals. I will be running a 10k in September and a half marathon in late October. I might get another one in between December and March. Alongside the training plan, I drew up a fundraising plan as I have to raise £2000 for the charity which is a lot! As well as sponsorship I have some ideas to keep some money rolling in.

It is going to be a full on project with the running and the fundraising. I have thankfully some wonderful friends who have kindly offered their help and support which is amazing. 

So there you have it, I am running the London Marathon 2018 in memory of my little boy Robyn, for all he didn’t get to see and experience, for all the heartache and pain, let’s have a sense of gratitude and achievement. 



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