The Return

I’ve been away for four months, in a mother and baby unit after I was sectioned with a relapse or bipolar and severe postnatal depression. It’s been an incredibly rough time but I’m starting to see some light.

Robyn gave us our new baby as a gift, I’ve no doubt about that. It just doesn’t take away the pain and sadness of losing him. All the things I do with Oskar I imagine I would have done with Robyn. I am still learning to live with grief. To live with the well of sadness deep inside. To breathe deep on sunny days. To stem the tears on rainy days. 

The question left now is what we do with our remaining frozen embryo. Do we try again in time or do we let it go, our last piece of Robyn?

Today we went to feed the ducks, a first for Oskar. A little robin flew down and sat on the branch to say hello.

Lots of love from mummy xxx


4 thoughts on “The Return

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been having such a difficult time. Having a rainbow baby is certainly a huge stressor as well as a great joy. I’m so glad there was somewhere you could get support with your baby. Sending you strength x

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