17 week Gender Scan

Just a quick update, we are having a little boy! I’m not sure what he’s doing in this photo or what’s what but you can see a hand waving! His head is in the dark background so you can’t see him. 

We booked a gender scan whilst away visiting family. We were both very nervous as we always are at scans and antenatal appointments. It was so lovely to see him and confirm the gender, he looks like a little baby now, all in proportion. We are both really excited to be having a boy again, it has also started to get more real now. I’m starting to think there is actually a baby on the way. When I saw him it made me think of Robyn and all he things I won’t know about him now and how he fought on for as long as he did even though he was poorly. He is such a brave boy and has brought us a lovely little brother. I hope Robyn feels involved as much as I feel he is.

As for me I now have a bump, bending is not that comfortable now! I’m starting to gain weight steadily each week. I’m also in the midst of second trimester insomnia which I’m hoping will succumb to warm milky drinks and reading. This morning though I was awake from 1-5am. He is very wriggly at that time and his movements are becoming stronger and more noticable. I love feeling him moving around 🙂


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