Dear Rainbow

I can’t believe how fast you are growing. Mummy and I are going one day at a time, everyday is a blessing. When I was having your brother Robyn I went week by week and thought ahead much more. I talk to you and Robyn everyday and I know he’ll be looking after you. 

When you waved at us today mummy burst into tears, she was overwhelmed to see you and also that you are still with us and doing well. We loved your bit of boxing and dancing! Your little toes and your little face are so cute, I’m so proud of you and how you are growing. 

I will always worry about losing you after losing your brother but I’m embracing every day with you and keeping close to me the thought that you might be a baby we can take home. Sometimes I feel sad at the loss of innocence in pregnancy after loss, nothing is a given anymore, nothing is taken for granted or expected. 

I hope you keep growing strong, we are all here looking after you and love you very much.

Lots of love from mummy & Robyn xxxx