Dear Robyn,

how are you little man? I thought I’d write you a quick letter because I’m missing you so much. It’s hard to get through the days sometimes, things feel meaningless now without you on the way. It takes all my energy just to keep my emotions in and do the routine things. 

I don’t like Sundays much anyway but I hate them now. Mummy is starting to move our things so we can swap rooms with your big sister. She is going to have the attic and we are going in the front bedroom because it is just across the landing from your nursery. We thought that your sister would need some extra space now that she is going to be a smelly teenager soon and when you & I would have night feeds we wouldn’t keep her awake. She is looking forward to having a new room and I got excited too because it meant you were coming but then I remembered that you wouldn’t be coming home. It’s just a change of rooms but I’m feeling quite emotional about it. It’s sad that your crib is in your nursery and not in our room. Maybe your little brother or sister will come along to use it soon. I hope you will send us a sign soon. 

Miss you and love you lots little prince, love from Mummy xxxxxx


2 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. I was looking through some of the recent “Grief” Postings on WordPress and just started crying after reading your first two sentences.

    I think what touched me most was looking at your rainbow photo and reading your open-letter to your Son. You were talking to him and it just made me cry. (I’m still crying.)

    My wife “crossed-over” 229-weeks ago and it doesn’t get any easier “as Time moves on”. I do talk to my wife throughout the day, every day. It helps but I do know that she’s right here with me. So I simply include her in whatever I’m doing because that’s what we always do.

    There are many things I could say which “may” or “may not” help you. Since I can only speak my “Truth”, while looking through my own “rose-colored glasses”, my wife and I can only share from our experiences.

    I have placed some short pieces of these experiences on this page:
    I have created two areas… one for the “Griever” and the other for those around us who may want a better understanding of what we’re going through and how to interact with “some” of us. (Everyone’s different. So these may not apply to you.)

    Again, just wanting to “share”.

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