Mush Pea

Dear Robyn,

how is my little mush pea? Thank you for coming to say hello this past two days, it always makes my heart feel warm with love. I know you have been messing about with the landing light! It really helped us feel a little more confident about going to the hospital. We are hoping to have our two frozen peas transferred soon and are hoping we will be lucky enough to have a brother or sister for you. I miss you so much and life has changed in every way, so this feels the only way to restore some hope for the future. A sibling would be a piece of you too, we feel like you would live on in them. We are so sad and angry about having to try again when it took us so long to have you but it’s our only option. 

It was really hard being away without you last week, there were babies and children everywhere. It just made your loss so real. I felt like nothing made sense and felt so out of step with the world around me. I hope you enjoyed the Sandcastles we built for you and that you liked the sea and ice cream šŸ™‚ 

I can’t believe that you would of been here in six weeks time, I did have a cry into your little bear suit with the ears on the hood. It breaks my heart that you will never get to wear it. 

Love you and miss you lots, big kisses, love from Mummy xxxxxx


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